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Klevertec – Projects 

Competent, well-networked and a strong regional base – at KLEVERTEC, we have created the optimum conditions for working together with industry to devise all kinds of manufacturing, filling and packaging solutions.

We are ideally positioned to act as competent partners for conducting collaborative applied research with local industry in the areas of manufacturing, filling and packaging foodstuffs. Our ultimate aim is to develop economically and ecologically sound solutions relating to the shelf life of foodstuffs.
We undertake cross-sector research to provide holistic solutions for industry, serving food and beverage manufacturers, filling and packaging system engineers and packaging manufacturers.


Would you be interested in learning about the kinds of challenges we tackle at KLEVERTEC?
Our current projects include:

Project Food-Fill

Food-Fill – an automatic filling machine for refrigerated foodstuffs

Fine-tuning a dispensing system to meet the requirements of refrigerated, viscose media.Fine-tuning a dispensing system to meet the requirements of refrigerated, viscose media.


Project outline

The plan is to further develop the “Food-Fill” system – a dispensing system for liquid or viscose foodstuffs requiring refrigeration. During the preparatory phase for this project, we already created a rudimentary working model with a capacity of one litre, which we are now upscaling to five litres. Three prototypes (one virtual and two physical) Food-Fills are also being developed. We plan to conduct consumer tests on the physical prototypes in grocery stores, where demand is particularly high for a means of dispensing refrigerated foodstuffs from bulk containers. To date, apart from individual packaging, generally only “bucket solutions” have existed for refrigerated foodstuffs in paste form, which present hygienic and handling challenges for customers and staff alike. 
Focusing on viscose products, the Food-Fill system should provide solutions that enable customers to dispense their own refrigerated dairy products with the necessary quality and safety assurance. The specific options that we are working on right now are for cream cheese and yoghurt, as these are two of the most difficult substances to self-dispense. The idea is that the knowledge gained in the process of this invention can then be applied to other – potentially more easily dispensed – foodstuffs and different products (e.g. cosmetics). Alongside professors, scientific staff and students in the faculties of mechanical engineering, computer science and business administration, partners in retail and industry are also already involved during the project phase to ensure an outcome that is truly fit for purpose.

Project HighSpeedTumbler

HighSpeedTumbler – an entirely new kind of high-speed mechanical food processing system

Developing a dependable high-speed process for a new way of processing meat, rolling previously separate methods into one.


Project outline
The aim of this project is to develop a dependable mechanical system that rolls several previously separate meat and food-processing procedures into one innovative high-speed process. Depending on the desired end product, meat is currently processed prior to sale using methods such as tumbling, mixing, kneading and injecting, some of which can take several hours and only be performed in turn.
To shorten the process, the project team is planning to develop a completely new kind of mechanical concept to dramatically cut the processing time by a factor of 50. The research involves analysing the meat’s structure and properties in comparison with the original product and conventional processing.
This calls for utterly innovative means of not only moving and processing food, but also keeping unbalancing and vibrations under control. The team believes it can realise its design to commercially launch a highly innovative, completely new kind of mechanical technique, anticipating major growth opportunities on a market that has, until now, remained rather conservative.